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About us

About us


We are a team of active and dynamic travelers who see the holiday as an opportunity to devote themselves to movement, to a beautiful panoramic walk with sticks, a yoga lesson at sunset, to find out what it means to go upwind on a sailing boat, and how much it is relaxing and carefree moving by bicycle immersing yourself in the landscape, in its scents, in its noises to capture the essence and beauty of a place.
Our groups, both those of the excursions and those of the holidays, are made up of a maximum of 20 people, an ideal number to feel part of a big family, to create connections and friendships that will continue over time.

We have already experienced what you are experiencing, already made your journey, felt your need to unplug and stimulate your body and mind.



Imagine a television producer and journalist, former Physical Education teacher and sportswear lover, Floriano Omoboni, a true sportsman and traveler with over thirty years of experience in television programs dedicated to travel, sport and mountain tourism, to the world of sailing and motor boating. (www.sportoutdoor.tv). Pioneer of a television program dedicated exclusively to cruise travel, he sensed in 2004 how this would become the fastest growing form of tourism in a short time and in 2018, within a few months of between each other the unforgettable Greenland cruise to the North Pole and the Antarctic cruise to the South Pole.
Floriano takes the plane the first time back in 1978 when he flies to Tunisia to work as a sailing instructor in the Valtur village of El Kebir. He was 22 years old and by the time he turns 30 he will have already traveled around the world and witnessed the tribal dances of the aborigines on Trobriand Island, remote islands in Papua New Guinea.
Da allora non si è mai più fermato, ancora oggi è sempre in viaggio, per lavoro e per piacere: lo vedi ritornare che è già ripartito.
All’inseguimento di quella che è un pò la sua vita, la sua esperienza diretta e le sue passioni nasce “Sportoutdoor Viaggi” con l’intento di far felici più e più viaggiatori amanti dello sport e del turismo outdoor. Non stupirti se lo troverai in escursione o in vacanza con te!
Now take a travel blogger, a black judo belt, who goes from skiing to windsurfing as if it were the most natural thing in the world, who has been traveling since she was a child and who has bravely left a safe and well-paid job in London to make trips into her work. The dream job: Travel Blogger!!! At just 26 years of age, Greta has already visited 60 countries, has over 115,000 followers on Instagram and her travel web site è letto da oltre 100.000 persone ogni mese. Non c’è luogo, descritto su questo sito, in cui lei non sia stata e stiamo lavorando per portarti in tutti i posti bellissimi che lei ha già visitato.
We trust her for exploring new destinations and travel tips!
Now take a Travel Agency Technical Director who has a tourist diploma, a degree in tourism, experiences gained in the field of hospitality, from bed & breakfasts to five-star hotels, the organization of events and travel and who is capable of letting the beautiful ideas of our whole team take shape. Lover of dynamic and adventurous trips, she practices cycling, swimming, kitesurfing, skiing, Nordic walking and yoga in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Lorena with Sportoutdoor Viaggi wants to give shape to what she believes is the holiday with the right mix of relaxation and movement.
Every excursion or trip goes through her supervision.
And now imagine our collaborators, skippers, tour leaders, sports instructors and guides who love to spend their time with you, to see you happy and satisfied while doing the job that excites them most.
The only regret, you will see, is that time with them will seem to pass too quickly!


Traveling with us means respecting the environment in the name of eco-sustainable and exclusive tourism away from the crowd and from very crowded places.


We want to take you to visit authentic places, taste the local dishes, sleeping in structures such as farmhouses, guest-houses, bed & breakfasts, small charming hotels lovingly cared for by their owners, or special hotels that will impress you with their design or their philosophy (and if they have their own SPA, even better!)


Our excursions, activities and holidays are not for everyone, but require a minimum of physical effort and an adventurous spirit, so think carefully about the activities you want to do during your holidays, and you will not be disappointed.


We want to give you maximum freedom in choosing the time, the place of departure and the price of your transport: THEREFORE, WE ALL MEET AT THE DESTINATION!
But don't worry we are available to give you all the information on how to move and reach the first meeting location with others. (almost every time it’s the accommodation of the first overnight stay).

This is Sportoutdoor Viaggi!


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